Saturday, February 05, 2011

We're Only As Strong As Our Toughest Challenge

Round two of my 'ABVD' (as a reminder I get the same four drugs every two weeks for 6 months) chemo treatment began Friday 02/04/2011. Some patients and survivors told me they were extremely nervous before each round of treatment simply because they knew how sick they would be for the next few days or weeks. Surprisingly I was not at all nervous, rather, I just thought going into it, 'Well, this is what's going to make be better.' I am sure as I endure more treatments I might become nervous and maybe not even want to go through with it, but I know to remember it's only going to get worse before it gets better.

This round of treatment took a much bigger toll on me than the first, which is to be expected. I started becoming a bit lethargic during the chemo this time and by the time I got home I felt horrible and hungover as my head was spinning, nauseated like never before, and so exhausted I could barely manage to keep my eyes open on the drive home. My family tells me my skin tone altered between a pale white like casper the ghost and sickly yellow like that of jaundice. However, I woke up today (Saturday 02/05/2011) feeling a bit better. Still pretty naucious and worn out but I did manage to go see some special people in my life and drop off some of the cancer shirts I had made. Also made it out to Billygans for dinner for a very good friends birthday party - all be it after I napped all day : ) Oh and on a side note both times I've had chemo now I have developed non-stop hickups. Last time it lasted for a week, I was told today though I can get a PrX which will stop them immediately - I will be calling that in on Monday!

Even with as bad as chemo has treated me thus far overall I had what I consider a very special week, the Lord continues to bless me and my family in many ways. First off, my father was able to come home from the hospital after being admitted for staff infection which led to having to have his knee replaced again. He's even walking around on his own now with only the aid of a walking cane. At one point we both had a PICC - ironic like father like son - I have pictures below. On a second note, I am continually amazed by how supportive my employer COUNTRY Financial has been through this entire ordeal. On Wednesday I went in to the office to tend to a few things and was pleasingly surprised by a very warm gift. Our district in WA had a recent awards banquet and kickoff for our yearly American Cancer Society Relay For Life activities. My agency manager, Kris Greene, was a guest speaker and had our family photos up on the big screen and relayed our situation - what an honor. In addition, they held a fundraiser for donation to the Relay for Life and with such kindness decided to donate half of the donations to my family - what a wonderful unexpected surprise that we will continue to be greatful for. Then on top of that I got my PICC line out on Friday after my chemo since I opted to have a port put in this coming Monday 02/07/2011 - what a relief not to have to wrap my arm when I shower now and just have my arm back to normal! And to top things all off our very near and dear friends brought us dinner Friday night after chemo, and let me tell ya - my wife was looking at me like I was eating for the first time after being released from prison : ) Rotissiere chicken, steemed carrots and corn, amazing mashed potatoes and scrumpcious rolls. Oh my god I was in heaven. Literally the best chicken I have ever had - THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!

There is more I would like to share but I'm sorry friends, I am beat and need to rest - more to come, STAY POSITIVE! : )

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