Sunday, January 09, 2011


As I've gone through this experience, though it be just a few short weeks so far, I have developed a great appreciation for many things - it probably sounds cliche but I really have - be it friends, family, faith, etc. Though I thank everyone for everything they've done for us so far, I feel they don't know how much it really means to me and my family. Every friend, each family member, all the medical staff, they've all helped somehow be it large or small, but I can't thank them enough - I want to hug the whole world and let them know how greatful we are. So this is me trying to get it all out, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Thank you for the all meals, the emails, the messages, the phone calls, the hugs, the prayers, the warm wishes, the truely caring, the honest sincerity in your hearts, the friendship, the love, the laughs, the praise, the everything. Is it bad to say keep sending it? ; )

I almost feel guilty for all the support we have been given, and want to give back somehow. I may soon be a goofy, bald, nauseous, and exhausted chemo patient but I want to give back. I think of the Toby Keith song 'I may not be as good as I once was, but I'm as good once as I ever was.' Though as I start treatment I may not even be as good once as I ever was, I want to give 110% of what I can - that probably doesn't make any sense but it does in my head : ) This week as I have my final appointments before I start chemo I plan on asking the medical staff at NW Cancer Specialists if there is anything I can do on a volunteer basis. I am not looking to do a full time gig, afterall I'm on medical leave from work to rest, recuperate (that doesn't look like it's spelled right), and just deal with all this, and a full time deal would not be conducive to my treatment, but if I can find a day where I can give a couple hours I would feel like I have done something worthy of getting all the help that we are receiving. And not to get to all spiritual but the Lord has blessed us in so many ways and as the gospel says when we serve others we are in the service of the Lord. And I'll be honest here, with this whole cancer scare I feel like I need a few extra brownie points with the big guy up stairs lol. If any of you know of any volunteer opportunities I welcome any suggestions, don't hesitate to get a hold of me!

Once again I just want all of you to know how appreciative I am for everything, everyone, every blessing. I still can't express how grateful I am for all the wonderful relationships in my life, a work that has been so supportive, the rocker-recliner and x-box in our master bedroom, bob marley's great music which helps inspire my positive attitude, new clothes and kicks, pop (I mean Kangen water), pizza and football, cookies (don't even talk to me about sugar and cancer), my relationship with Christ, his atonement, his love, his healing, all of his blessings, the Seahawks beating the saints in the first round of the playoffs (BOOM!), my wife who loves me unconditionally, Kendall and Karson who make each day worth fighting for, and life - LIVE IT!

I love you all, I'm out.


  1. Mike, you are an amazing young man. I am thankful that I know you and that I am able to share my days with you at work. We are all waiting for you to get healthy and return. We will hold down the fort until you get there. Keep your positive attitude and faith. My hugs are always with you on your journey. And.....nice tie! Lol. Just kidding. :)
    Debbie Kalua

  2. We love you MIKE!! We're praying for you! Keep positive and lets hang out :)

  3. I know how you can give back....focus every ounce of energy on getting healthy, on fighting this fight. That will give you a LONG life to pay back all that has, is and will come your way. Taking kindness is most certainly more difficult than giving it. You are worthy of ALL of it. When the time is right for you to give back, it will present itself. Hope you are enjoying the sun today!!! Who knows when we'll see it again!